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Dr Pam House


Pam completed her medical residency in Wisconsin, USA graduating in 1996 and has worked for past 27 years in family and general medicine. She is a qualified Specialist General Practitioner and is also a member of the Australasian Menopause Society.

Since moving to NZ in 2016 she has been a director of a large medical practice in the Bay of Plenty that serviced almost 10,000 patients. She recently decided to sell her share of the business to pursue her passion of women’s health with a specific focus on menopause - something which she has been presented with a lot in general practice.

"I was a 'nomad', Ecuadorian by ancestry, born and raised in Chile, and I specialised in family medicine in the USA. I’ve finally found my home in NZ.

Lover of music, dance and the arts, my passion in medicine is women’s medicine and menopause. Having experienced it myself, I understand the challenges that can come with it and look forward to helping many women find their groove again using a holistic approach that includes the latest in medical treatment, yoga / meditation, mindfulness and lots of listening :) “