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Menopause word cloud

Symptoms Questionnaire

The questionnaire below is one of the most widely used methods to assess menopausal symptoms.

It is called the Green Climacteric scale and covers most of the common physical, psychological and vasomotor symptoms of the perimenopause and menopause. It's a verified measurement tool that is used all over the world both in clinical practice and for research studies.

However, it cannot be used on it's own to diagnose the menopause.

It also does not cover every possible symptom of menopause and in particular it does not ask about vaginal and urinary changes, which can be a major set of symptoms for many women.

But it is a useful part of an overall assessment and can also be used to track how your symptoms are changing over time. This form is useful to take your GP to start a discussion regarding your menopause symptoms.

If you feel you are having some of these symptoms and are concerned about them, you should see your GP or book for a MenoDoctor appointment.


A copy of the answers and score will be emailed to you, once you have completed the form