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Menopause Consultations

Initial Consults  

  • Our initial consultations are 45 minutes long and cost $330 for a virtual appointment and $360 for an in-person appointment.
  • As well as the consultation itself, this price includes any initial prescriptions, blood tests as well as a comprehensive letter for both yourself and your GP.

For more information on everything that is included with your initial consultation cost, please see here.


Follow Up Consults

Our follow-up consultations are all done virtually and are 20 minutes long. They cost $195.

    This price also includes any further prescriptions or test requests that may be required, as well as a letter for your GP.

    Follow up are also required if we have issued you scripts for 6 months or longer


    Nutrition Consultations

    Initial Nutrition Consults

    This is personalised 60-minute session with our nutritionist - Jess, with special focus on hormone health and supporting your current menopause plan

    This consult will focus on your specific needs in:

    • Hormone Health: Find balance and address hormonal concerns
    • Gut Health: Manage IBS, IBD, or other digestive issues
    • Weight Management: Develop sustainable and healthy strategies

    Jess uses a science-based approach to help you understand the connection between food, blood sugar, and overall well-being. She'll guide you through the maze of nutrition information and create a plan that fits your lifestyle.


    $240 for a 60 minute consultation which also the creation of a personalised plan (emailed after the consult)


    Payment Plans

    We offer 'Pay in 4' instalments payment plan for all of our consults - interest free. This allows you pay in instalments by your credit or debit card - Great if you do not have an Afterpay or Zip account.

    • 1st payment - made at the time of booking
    • 2nd payment - made 2 weeks later
    • 3rd payment - made 4 weeks later
    • 4th and final payment - made 6 weeks later

    We also offer Afterpay and Zip as payment options as well



    We can provide ongoing repeat prescriptions for all our patients. The charge for repeat prescriptions is $30.


      Please note:

      If you are issued a prescription as part of your initial or follow-up appointment, then this is included in the price of the consultation.

      Prescriptions from private clinics like Menodoctor are subject to an extra charge of $15 per item by the pharmacy, as required by the Ministry of Health



      • Change of Dose Request - $50
      • Email Consultations - $60  (longer or more complex email consultations will be charged an extra $30)
      • Referral Letters - $60


        Please note:

        All these Aftercare services are only available to existing Menodoctor patients (ie. patients who have already had at least one consultation with us)