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Your Consultation


What works for one woman, won’t necessarily work for someone else.

This is why menopause management needs to be tailored to each individual woman’s needs.

During your initial consultation with one of our dedicated doctors, we will explore your unique symptom profile and past history in detail. We also look at lifestyle and psychological factors that may be impacting you too.

Together, we then create your personalised management plan incorporating the best combination of hormonal, medical, lifestyle and natural approaches to optimise your menopausal journey.



Our 45 minute extended appointments mean we can fully explore your symptoms and discuss what treatment options may be best for you.

Initial consultations can be done in-person at the Adelpha Clinic in Bethlehem or virtually either via phone or video.

We are here to listen and support you through your perimenopause and menopause phase, so you can get back to focusing on living your best life.



Here is everything that is included in the cost of an initial consultation with us:

  • Detailed online assessment to explore your symptoms, medical history, family history and lifestyle.
  • 45-minute specialised menopause consultation with one of our doctors
  • Personalised management plan for your specific symptoms and concerns.
  • Comprehensive letter for you and your current GP summarising your Menodoctor appointment and outlining your personalised management plan
  • Your first prescription sent direct to your chosen pharmacy for treatments such as HRT or other medications
  • Blood test forms or scan requests emailed to you if any further investigations are needed
  • Referral letters sent directly to other providers if review with another type of specialist is needed
  • Free email communication for the first week following your appointment for any immediate queries or concerns. 


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