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Expert Care

Menopause is all we do.

Led by Dr Linda Dear, Menodoctor offers you a team of doctors who are dedicated to Perimenopause and Menopause care.

We have helped thousands of women take charge of their hormones and their health.

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Extended Appointments

No more feeling rushed, fobbed-off and unheard – our mission is for you to feel fully supported and empowered during this life-phase.

We provide in-depth 45 minute appointments to give you the time and space you deserve.


Holistic Approach

Menodoctor goes beyond just medical management.

Menopause and perimenopause are about much more than hormones. They are a time to embrace the overall health of your body and mind. This is why all our consultations include advice on lifestyle and natural approaches to keep you strong and healthy for life.


Ongoing Support

We are here to support you throughout your Menopause journey.

Following your initial consultation, we can fine tune your treatment plan and offer further guidance as needed.

All our patients are able to book follow-up video consultations, order repeat prescriptions, request dose changes and ask for email advice.

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Advocacy for All

We are more than just a menopause clinic.

We on a mission to improve menopause awareness and support for all. Menodoctor has appeared in print and TV media, released a petition to fund more forms of MHT, submitted a menopause action plan to the NZ government and conducted the largest ever NZ survey on menopause. We also offer menopause education and training for workplaces through Menodoctor@Work.