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Dr. Linda Dear

MBBS, FRNZCGP, BA (Hons) Psychology, DRCOG, NCMP

A Member of the following societies

Hormone Replacement Therapy

The real story about HRT

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All of our bookings are made online, you can book by clicking HERE

Our Initial consults are 45 mins long (follow ups are 20mins).

We cover the following during your consult

- Your medical history
- Your symptoms
- Action plan to tackle symptoms
- Your first prescription, if you require HRT or other medicines

And yes... your partner is more than welcome to attend 😀

NO you DO NOT need a referral, you can simply book an appointment.

However if you would like you doctor to share your past medical history with us please get them to visit GP REFERRALS page on our website

If you have 'Private GP cover' specified in your Southern Cross / healthcare insurance plan then you will be able to claim some / all of the cost back.

Please note that this is DIFFERENT to specialist cover

Even though we are classified as 'Specialist GPs' unfortunately the Health insurance companies classifies 'specialists' differently

If you do have GP cover then please request an invoice from us after the appointment has been completed and we will send it to you via email

We prescribe pharmaceutical grade bio-identical hormones in the form of estradiol, progesterone and testosterone, tailored to each woman’s own unique needs.

We don’t prescribe compounded hormones because the purity and quality of these products cannot be guaranteed.

For more information you can read our page on BIO IDENTICAL HORNONES

Yes you can, we are able to offer advice outside of NZ - however we are unable to prescribe any medications.

We can help you with advice on how to approach your local GP/MD and create a referral letter which will summarise your symptoms, and recommend how these can best be supported

YES we can

Please visit the REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS page to order your script.

Please note that you have be a patient of Menodoctor to use this service

We now accept Aftepay and ZIp 👍

But PLEASE NOTE we have a different booking link if you want to pay this way

Please use this link

Book with AFTERPAY / ZIP

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