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Get your free Menopause consultation here

Menopause and perimenopause can be a challenging time for some women. 

 Around 75% of women experience symptoms and these can be severe enough to impact many aspects of their life; including at work. 

Bupa have partnered with the Menodoctor clinic to offer you a free menopause consultation with one of our expert doctors valued at $330.

Get more with Menodoctor

Once you book your appointment, here is everything that is included in your free menopause consultation:

  • Detailed online pre-appointment assessment to explore your symptoms, medical history, family history and lifestyle.
  • 45-minute virtual menopause consultation with an expert doctor, at a time and date to suit you.
  • Personalised management plan for your specific symptoms and concerns
  • Comprehensive letter for you and your GP summarising your Menodoctor appointment and outlining your personalised management plan
  • Your first prescription sent directly to your chosen pharmacy for any treatments such as HRT or other medications
  • Blood test forms or scan requests emailed to you, if any further investigations are needed
  • Referrals to other providers or health professionals if needed.
  • Free email support for the first 2 weeks following your appointment, for any immediate queries or concerns.

Menopause Support Made Simple 

Book below for your free Menodoctor consultation below - and get back to being you.

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